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Terms and Conditions of Photographic Reproductions


In purchasing a print, the researcher obtains permission for personal use only.  Permission is not granted for further reproduction or for use other than that specified in the original order.


The Archives does not charge a permission fee to non-profit societies for photographs reproduced in books, magazines, or newspapers. Permission fees are required where commercial use for profit is desired or intended.  However, we do require that all photographs be credited to the “British Columbia Central Coast Archives”.

Commercial Use Fee

The British Columbia Central Coast Archives reserves the right to charge a commercial one-time use fee of $20.00 per image over and above the cost of the photograph reproduction.  When the user wishes to use an image in a variety of publication forms, the Archives charges $50 per image over and above the cost of the photograph reproduction. Commercial users will be expected to treat the photograph and the Archives in an appropriate manner. 


All orders must be prepaid by cash, cheque or money order made payable to the British Columbia Central Coast Archives. Other payment arrangements are made at the discretion of the Archivist. All postage charges will be paid by the researcher. See Price List for more details.


If the Archives does not have a copy negative from which we can reproduce a photographic print, an additional fee will be charged to produce a copy negative.  The copy negative will become the property of the British Columbia Central Coast Archives. If a photograph is scanned onto a CD-ROM an additional fee will be charged to cover the cost of the CD-ROM.


The user must reproduce images or information accurately and digital manipulation and/or modifications is expressly forbidden.  Translation and/or reformatting requires written permission from the British Columbia Central Coast Archives.  No negatives or any other form of reproduction may be made of the Archives photographic reproductions without permission.


In instances where copyright for a photograph rests with another institution or individual, the researcher assumes all responsibility for obtaining copyright clearance and reproduction rights and for any infringement of existing copyright legislation.


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